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Hiking Rocky Mountain National Park: The Essential Guide

Hiking Rocky Mountain National Park: The Essential Guide


If you are heading to Rocky Mountain National Park, you'll definitely want to get your hands on this hiking guide. Written by professional photographer and avid outdoorsman who has spent the last 15 years hiking every trail in the park, this guide covers everything you need to know to have a safe and amazing experience in one of our nation's most beautiful national parks.

  • "The Rocky Mountain Conservancy, which since 1931 has served as the philanthropic steward of Rocky Mountain National Park, recommends Erik Stenland's book. His message is very much our own."- Jim Pickering, RMC Board President

  • "The guide is a must for anyone concerned with the stewardship of Rocky Mountain National Park for future generations." - Vaughn Baker (Rocky Mountain National Park Superintendent 2002-2015)

  • "Don’t just think of this as a book of trail descriptions, but also as well-researched treatment on hiking safely, responsibly and respectfully. Depend on Stensland’s book to help you get the most out of your Rocky Mountain National Park hiking adventure." - Larry Frederick (Chief of Interpretation, Rocky Mountain National Park 2001-2012)

This guide covers nearly 200 miles of trail from marshland to alpine tundra. Each trail in the book is progressively more difficult making it easy to find the hiking trails which match your fitness level. The hikes are accompanied by large full-color photos, easy to read custom maps, elevation profile graphs and engaging descriptions. You'll almost feel like you are being shown around by the author.

  • Hikes are listed in order from easiest to hardest making it easy to identify hikes in your difficulty range

  • Each section is color-coded for easy reference

  • You'll find hikes listed by type: wildflower hikes, summit hikes, wildlife hikes, etc.

  • At the back you'll find tables with all the trail stats


There are nearly 100 pages of preparatory information to bring you up to speed on everything you should know before venturing into the mountains. Topics covered include:

  • What to pack

  • What to wear

  • Encountering wildlife

  • What to do if you are lost

  • Understanding mountain weather

And much more...

Enjoy 80 custom-made topographical maps that clearly mark the trail and identify waypoints you will encounter along the way. These maps are designed to be easily be readable even by those with colorblindness.

Each hike has a series of easily identifiable waypoints to help you know that you are on-track, along with distance measurements from the trail head and the elevation of that waypoint.

Most hikes in the book are accompanied by an elevation profile graph. This is like a cut-away of the terrain so that you can visually see the ups and downs you can expect along the way.

The list of statistics for each hike include:

  • Total round-trip distance

  • Estimated hiking time

  • Elevation start

  • Destination elevation

  • Total elevation gain

  • Possible wildlife you may encounter

  • Which ecosystems you'll pass through

  • Views you can expect

  • When the trail is open

  • The best time of day to go

  • Trail conditions

  • Special reminders

And more...

All of the trails were re-measured using some of the latest tools, resulting in some of the most accurate trail measurements to-date.

Throughout the book you will find beautiful full-color photos and every hike has at least one photo to give you a sense of what to expect.

The text describing where to go and what to look for is conversational, as if the author himself were guiding you on your journey.


At the back you'll find definitions of mountain terms you may not know, as well as a complete index so you can readily find what you are looking for. There is also a quick reference chart with statistics on every destination and hike covered in the book.


Here are a few key facts about the book itself:

  • 512 pages

  • Sewn binding for durability

  • Rounded corners to avoid damage in the pack

  • Beautiful 120gsm art gloss paper

  • Forest Stewardship Council's seal, confirming that the paper comes from renewable sources and that eco-friendly inks are used.

  • Size: 8.5" x 5.5" x 1.25"


Erik Stensland has spent the last 15 years living at the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park. He has hiked to every hidden corner of this park at all times of day and night in his pursuit of dramatic photos. In preparing this book he re-hiked every trail in the book taking copious notes to ensure you have the most accurate and up-to-date information possible.


  • "I am in love with this guide. I had NO idea how many trails there are that are easy/moderate enough to keep you out all day without killing yourself for certain views of scenery and wildlife. After going every year for 8 years, I am amazed at how much I didn't know about that RMNP has to offer." - Jennifer Frank

  • "Just making my way through the 'Using this Book; and 'First Things First' sections. Oh my gosh, I've learned a ton of things that I had no idea about and I'm originally from Cheyenne and have come up to RMNP multiple times a year as a kid and at least yearly since moving to Nebraska." - Anna Marie

  • "Far and above, THE best hiking book I have ever read! It is so much more than just a hiking book with all the information it contains. From the organization of the categories, the attention to detail, and the breathtaking photographs, it will leave you yearning to get out on the trail. Whether you are an avid hiker of Rocky Mountain National Park (like myself) or have never been there before this book is a must have." - Carol Murin

  • "Love, love, LOVE the book! I really like how this book reads. I can flip through the pictures like a magazine to see places I want to go. I can learn about the trail from the elevation profile and I can take a picture of the CLEAR map to bring with me. It puts images, maps, and descriptions all in one place. This truly is an essential guide for hiking RMNP. Can't wait to snuggle down and plan my hiking adventures for this summer!" - Anne Rusk

  • "My first thought when opening the box and holding the book was Q U A L I T Y - fit, finish, feel, binding, the way the page corners are rounded, the visibility from the side of the colors for the hikes, page "feel", etc etc etc. NICE!" - Paul Beiser

  • "You will not find a better book or resource on hiking RMNP. I received my book Saturday and it is outstanding. The amount of time Erik took on this book is incredible. Is obvious he covered every inch he has written about. I suggest purchasing one if you plan on visiting RMNP." - Jamie Beeler

  • "What an amazing guide book! The quality of the book is second to none. The photos are obviously incredible as is the attention to detail. It's super easy to navigate through." - Glenn Benigni

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