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Whispers in the Wilderness

Whispers in the Wilderness


In April of 2018, at a ceremony in Austin, Texas, Whispers in the Wilderness received the gold prize Benjamin Franklin Award for best book in the Inspirational category from the Independent Book Publishers Association. This is regarded as one of the highest national honors for indie publishers and self-published authors.

Additionally, Whispers in the Wilderness was awarded two golds with the National Indie Excellence Awards(NIEA) in the inspirational and gift book categories as well as a Silver Winner in the 2018 Nautilus Book Awards. It won second place at the Colorado Independent Book Publishers Association in the motivational and inspirational category. It was also a finalist in the 20th annual Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards.

Many of us spend a great deal of our time dreaming about our next trip to the mountains, whether for a weekend getaway or our yearly vacation. We hear within that deep inexplicable pull toward the wilderness and would agree with John Muir, who said: "The mountains are calling and I must go." We sense that in the wild we are touching the edge of something that is both wonderful and mysterious.

In this new hardcover book, author and photographer Erik Stensland reflects on his own experience of wilderness and how it seems to call all of us towards healing and wholeness. Through short articles paired with stunning imagery he uses nature to help us connect with our inner self.

Whispers in the Wilderness invites us to explore this longing we have for the wilderness. The author suggests that this longing is itself the trail head for a journey to wholeness. On each page he encourages us to go deeper within ourselves and discover the healing that nature is offering.

This is a beautifully bound hardcover book featuring many of Erik Stensland's most stunning photos of Rocky Mountain National Park. It is 6.5" x 8.5" with 176 pages printed in the highest quality. ISBN: 978-0-99969626-6-7


  • "Wow wow wow! You have completely succeeded in inspiring and calming me!! Your book really speaks to me." - Sarah (MN)

  • "I feel like I am out hiking with you!" - Julie (Aurora, CO)

  • "I’m so thrilled to get this gorgeous, thoughtful book. I can’t rave about it enough! " - Brian Zahnd (MO)

  • "Erik's writing in this book has already helped me through some tough things." - John (Estes Park, CO)

  • "People, buy this book! It'll be good for your soul." - Janna Nyswander (Omaha, NE)

  • "It's so beautiful I feel like I should wear white gloves as I turn the pages. It's beautiful and meaningful." - Michelle Chase (Estes Park, CO)

  • "Words can’t do the book justice, they are perfect for backpacks too!" - Paula

  • "Received your AMAZING Book TODAY! OMG, Erik, we can't put it down." - Nancy

  • "Of course the photos on each page are absolutely beautiful! But what you have written to go along with each one really speaks to my heart. You put much thought into your words and have a way of making me stop and think, and see many things in my life from a new perspective. A wiser and better perspective!" - Jaime Freemyer

  • "At a loss for words as to how nicely done this book is!!! Absolutely love it!!!" - Barb

  • "The book is profound in it's wisdom and beauty. I did not anticipate the depth of feeling and connection expressed by the author in each of the different areas covered. It is not a book to be read quickly or lightly and is very thought provoking, inviting the reader to also search his/her own experiences and perspectives. It is a book that shares the author's viewpoints while inviting the reader to find his/her own truth and future paths of personal growth. It is very well done." - Independent Book Publishers Association reviewer

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